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In 1967, Del Wisdom, President and CEO of Judel Marketing International, Inc., rented 34 acres from a relative to grow a double crop of green peas and lima beans for Green Giant Company. Now, 47 years later, Judel Marketing International, Inc., still owned by the Wisdom Family, is a thriving company that grows agricultural products on its own farms, has multiple growing partnerships, packs those products in its own facility, and ships around the world.

From those initial beginnings, the company now provides wholesome, nutritious fruits and vegetables to its customers in a variety of forms, but mainly in retail packages, that families in North and Central America, and Asia enjoy during the entire year. The list of products sold by Judel Marketing International, Inc. is extensive. It includes, asparagus, alfalfa, red cabbage, green cabbage, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, organic acorn, butternut, and kabocha squash, organic onions, organic red, yellow, and russet potatoes, strawberries, honeydew melons, organic sweet corn, cauliflower, green beans, and other products as customer demand requires.. The company grows or procures product from 10 different microclimatic regions within Washington State, Oregon, California, and Arizona.

Many of the dedicated staff has been with the company for decades. While the company has had different looks over the years to meet the challenges of economic and market demands, a strong commitment to superior product quality has been the number one, unending, and consistent goal of ownership. The same standards of quality assurance apply for products from all sources, regardless of location.

Food safety and environmental stewardship are of paramount importance to ownership. The company adheres to compliance standards of 9 different agencies and auditing entities, including governmental and private produce industry requirements.

Over the 45 years of supplying its customers with products, innovation has been a critical backbone of managerial philosophy. The food industry now enjoys products that were first developed by Judel Farms, the original production entity. In 1982, the packing facility was built, and direct sales to retail, foodservice, and wholesale markets began. Such vertical integration aided in the overall success of the company. While the company still provides products to food processing companies, the majority of its income is derived from sales to the fresh produce industry.

Judel Marketing International, Inc. enjoys a well respected reputation in the industry. The company strives hard to maintain that respect and makes no compromise toward achieving its goals.

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