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Judel Marketing International, Inc. provides its customers with fresh organic onions and potatoes from August through June annually. The benefits of eating organic produce are well documented and include:

GMO Free – While the debate continues concerning genetically modified plants and food, Judel Marketing certifies that NO GMO products are used, grown on Judel Farms, or purchased. Our products are GMO free.

Hormone free - Organically grown foods allow your children to grow up at their own pace without added hormones from the food they eat.

Pesticide free - Organically certified food must be grown without the use of conventional pesticides.

Antibiotic free - As the consumer comes to realize the long term effects of over exposure to antibiotics, we are learning that too much of them in our system may cause future antibiotic ineffectiveness.

Prenatal benefits - Women concerned about the levels of hormones and chemicals and how those affect their unborn child find satisfaction in choosing organic produce.

No artificial colorings - With organically grown food what you see is what you get.

Organic foot tastes better - allowing the plant to mature naturally gives it time for flavor to develop. Any plant altered by pesticides may not have the same “homegrown” taste.

Promotes a healthier water table - preventing applications of pesticides will exclude any possibility of pesticides reaching the water table.

Supports the local economy - most organic food is grown locally.

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