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Located in the heart of the Columbia Basin of eastern Washington State, our farms are fed by pure, fresh, melted snow from the Columbia River. The soil, naturally rich and fertile, lends itself to production of a wide variety of bountiful crops.

The area benefits from a diverse transportation system including Interstate hi-ways, rail and Railex, an airport, and are within close proximity to a large population center, enabling us to ship our products to local, regional, national and international markets quickly and efficiently.

Product Procurement

Judel Marketing International grows most of the products it packs, but also procures fruits and vegetables from other growers in the region for our customers at their request. Our relationships with other growers enable us to provide you with a wide range of produce throughout the year.


We pack locally grown produce on our state-of-the-art packing lines in a Good Handling Practices certified facility, ensuring your food is handled safely and is guaranteed farm fresh.


Judel Marketing International grows its own organic crops right here in the heart of the Columbia Basin using all Washington State Department of Agriculture, Organic Materials Review Institute, and Federal Organic Standards Act, approved natural products to provide unsurpassed quality in all our vegetables.


Judel Marketing International, arranges transportation of your order upon request or you may supply your own transportation. Providing transportation is just one of many services we offer at Judel Marketing International.

Contract with local producers to provide product for customers

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