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We are stewards of the land, the soil, and the eco-systems over which we have custodianship.

We are focused on the sustainability of each family whose members share part of their lives as together we do the work of bringing food to the tables of our customers, wherever they may be.

We believe in the sustainability of economic processes that provides for these families. We believe in the sustainability of our local culture, our local farmer friends, our schools, churches, organizations, volunteers, and all that makes our way of life so precious, and at times, fragile.

We thank you for participating in our sustainability effort by your purchase of our product, your visit to our website, and your caring.

Vision Statement For JMI

JMI strives to be an innovative industry leader for northwestern United States Organic and Conventional Agricultural Products - In the eyes of our customers, our employees, and our suppliers.

Mission Statement For JMI

Judel Marketing International exists to procure the best product from growers, provide the best products available to our customers, and provide exemplary conditions and opportunities for our employees.

We do this by wisely stewarding the God-Given gifts of our planet's resources, and the continuing dedication of our customers, employees, and suppliers. We believe that wise stewardship will provide a sustainable business model. We look not for certainty in our quest for sustainability, but the ability to navigate the myriad complexities of markets, technologies, consumer behaviors, and ecological limits.

Core Values